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Are you gaining weight continuously?
Do you look in the mirror and compare to your past self?
Are you dissatisfied with the extra pounds you have put on and want to shed them ASAP?
Is it that you got advised by your doctor as a measure to improve your general health condition?

If so, don’t worry! We can help. Homoeopathy can help!!


What is obesity?

Obesity is nothing but excessive accumulation of body fat. It can affect any individual at any age, including children. It isn’t age specific. It starts as a simple weight gain and over a period of time turns to obesity.

How do you distinguish between being overweight and obese?
BMI – Body Mass Index is the best calculator to tell you about your condition.
Ideal weight – 18.5 -24.9
Overweight – 25.0-29.9
Obese – >30.0
Calculate your BMI here ( link)

What causes obesity?

There are many causes and conditions that lead to obesity but the most important being
1. Life style – sedentary life habits, inactivity, no proper exercise, alcoholism, smoking, drugs, sometimes as a withdrawal effect.etc will all lead to obesity.
2. Diet – factors like timing, quantity and quality of food
TIMING – Irregular timings, inappropriate timings, late night cravings will all effect BMR.
QUANTITY – over eating, emotional eating, excessive intake of food markedly results in
weight gain.
QUALITY – eating fried and fatty food, salty foods, sweets, chocolates effect the ideal
weight margin.
3. Medical causes – few diseases such as thyroid disorders, hypertension,
Diabetes mellitus, depression, anxiety lead to obesity.
In the same way, drugs or medicines used for treatment in certain medical conditions also lead to obesity.
4. Genetic causes – genes play a vital role in our general health condition. If its in the family line, it gets passed on from generations to generations.

What are the simple measures to be taken to manage weight gain naturally?

Not many, very few simple lifestyle changes and dietary modifications can help in weight loss in a healthy way

1. Lifestyle changes

– Walk 30 – 40 mins everyday. If you are suffering from any medical conditions like Asthma, dyspnoea, RheumatoidArthritis, OsteoArthritis then take breaks in between but walk regularly. Make it a habit, make it a part of your life.
– Do basic and simple exercises like breathing exercises and stretching in the beginning of the day for 5 mins in the start. It keeps you energetic, active and fresh all through the day.

2. Dietary modifications

– Never miss any meal of the day. Have small proportions, light food at regular intervals.
– Snack healthy. Don’t wait until you are totally hungry. Keep seasonal fruits and dried fruits handy.
– Drink lot of water. Atleast 4-6 litres in a day.

Why Star Homoepathy?

We have specialized consultants and clinics for obesity and its related issues. A detailed case history will be taken and evaluated for the best suitable constitutional remedy as we believe every individual is different and so the treatment is tailored according to their age and needs. We can help you to get your desired result without any side effects, procedures in the least time possible.

Dr.Archana Hariharan
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