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Star homoeopathy & ayurveda is care of address for people suffering from different diseases. I felt very happy as my psoriasis was cured. I can confidently suggest people to take treatment from them.”


“I’m 64 years old man suffering from skin infection. I consulted star homoeopathy and they suggested 1 year treatment course for my disease . Its controlled and I’m relieved. Very happy with star homoeopathy. Thank you.”


“ I thank Dr. Harshavardhan garu for making me better and guiding me to better health. His treatment is very good. Its been 4 months since I started taking medicines here at star homeopathy and I have seen a lot of improvement in my health. I was suffering from severe back pain and got relieved. Here are my special regards to star homoeopathy team for their support . Thank you”


“ Thank you Dr.Harshavardhan. He is very good and approachable. I was suffering from asthama and couldn’t breathe properly. His treatment worked very well. Winter was very problematic to me but after using homoeopathy my problem almost disappeared. Facilities, response and service at star homeopathy is very nice.”

G.Anil kumar

“I’m suffering from Erectile dysfunction and PME.I consulted DR.harshavardhan garu in Star homoeopathy and took his treatment. My condition improved and I’m feeling lot better. I’m very much satisfied with the treatment at star homoeopathy. Thank you.”

Betni Sagar

“I’m taking treatment for my nose infection in star homeopathy from past 6 months under Dr. Krishnamurthy. His treatment is very good and I got cured almost 80% ina very short span of time. Now I feel better than before. Thanks star homoeopathy.”


“I’m undergoing treatment at star homoepathy for white patches and pigmentation from last 3 months. I’ve seen a lot of improvement. I used to stammer a lot. But I’m feeling lot better now. Thanks to my doctor at star homeopathy and other members for their support.”


“ I have started my treatment in star homeopathy for migraine and sinus problems from past 4 months. Result is very good. Thanks to my doctor Harshavardhan garu, star homeopathy secunderabad branch”

N.Praveen Kumar

“I was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis and suffered a lot. Thanks to doctors at star homoeopathy for their treatment and great advice. M y condition improved and I feel lot better now.”


“my pigmentation problem has almost reduced by 70%. Doctors are very friendly and treat very well. I’m very much satisfied with star homoeopathy.”

N.prasad reddy

“Dr.Harshavardhan garu in star homoepathy gave treatment and cured my sinusitis. Now, my friends and family also take treatment from star homeopathy. Thank you star homeopathy team.”

Pavan kumar raja

“I suffered from very bad sinusitis and consulted doctors at Star homeopathy. I was relieved even when I avoided regular consultation. Doctors explained why I have to take regular treatment and I’m very much happy with the result now.”

Vykunta Rao

“my son was suffering from thyroid problem. We consulted Dr. Harshavardhan and he got cured in 6 months. I’m really very thankful to star homoeopathy and its team for giving the best treatment and keeping the promise to cure my son within said duration.”

S.kiran kumar

“ I’m undergoing treatment at star homoeopathy secunderabad branch for Herpes problem and I’m feeling a lot better than before. Thanks doctors and other staff for giving good treatment and support.”

Eswara reddy

“I was suffering from piles for many years. Finally I consulted doctors at star homoepathy. They suggested me to take treatment for 6 months. Within 4 months I was cured and I’m very happy with result. Thank you so much.”


“Thanks Star Homoeopathy for a fast recovery from my problem. I could avoid surgery because of Homoeopathy”


“I was suffering with multiple problems like oesopahgitis , gastric reflux, duodenitis and Hiatus hernia. I took treatment from star homoeopathy and my symptoms got relieved and I was cured in the time they told. I’m ever greatfull to them for their service. Thank you.”


“I’m undergoing treatment for fatty liver in Star homoeopathy. With very short time I’m relieved.I’m not using any other medicines as before but tsill feeling very relaxed. I’m very much happy and satisfied. Thanks doctor.”

Shaik Abdul Mujeeb

“I’m undergoing treatment for disc prolapse and feeling relief to the maximum extent.”


“I had piles from last 2years. I used many medicines but was not cured. I read in paper and came to Star Homeopathy. Excellent result. I’m very happy.”

Shaik Abdul Mujeeb

“My fistula problem got cured in 9 months. Excellent treatment by doctors at star homoepathy.”


“I had piles from last 2years. I used many medicines but was not cured. I read in paper and came to Star Homeopathy. Excellent result. I’m very happy.”

A.Bharath kumar

“I took treatment for fistula from Dr.Radha in Star Homoeopathy dilshuknagar branch. I’m very much happy with result.”


“Thanks to Dr.Radha for her naïve care which helped me to get rid of dust allergy ina veryshort span of time.”

Ahmed Ali

“I had many problems especially acidity, neck&back pain made my life miserable.Dr.Radha at Star Homoepathy treated me and I got cured”


“My wife sahera banu is taking treatment at star homoepathy for knee pains. She is lot better than before. Excellent treatment.”


“I’m feeling well and relaxed after treatment from doctors at star homeopathy. Relieved from my backache without any side effects.”


“ I took treatment for Asthama for 18 months and 90% of my problem is cured. Thank you Dr.krishnamurthy”

M. Umashree

“ psoriasis troubled me a lot. I was treated by Dr. Radha and I got cured nicely.very happy”


“ Dr.krishnaveni treated me for sinusitis and I got cured. Thanks Star Homoeopathy.”


“I got operated for cyst 3 times and suffered a lot. Thanks to Star homoeopathy. I no longer suffer”

B.A Sushma

“ I consulted star Homoepathy for my thyroid problem and took treatment. I was dependent on allopathic Thyroid tablet for many years. After using medicine here my thyroid levels were controlled nad maintained. I had no problem after that .now I need not take thyroid tab at all. I’m very happy. Thank you star homoeopathy.”


“ no usage of allopathy medicine after I took treatment from Star homoeopathy. Very good result for thyroid problem in less time.”


“my sinus problem got relieved by 70% withtreatment at Star Homeopathy”

Y.Laxmi Devi

“ I was suffering from multiple problems (headache,kneepains,varicoseveins,nerve swellings,Shoulder pain,waist pain, Throat pain) from last 10 years. After taking treatment at Star homoepathy I’m free from pains and living a healthy life.”