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Acne is common human skin disease mostly found in adults during their teen age.

Characterized by seborrhoea (red skin), commedones( black heads), pappules(pin heads), pustules (pimples), nodules etc.

Acne affects skin over face, upper part of the chest, back wher skin contains hair follicles, sebacious glands.

Mostly acne seen in adoloscence because of increased testosterone levels or androgens.


Acne develops as blokages in hair follicles. Hyperkeratinization and formation of plug of keratin and sebum is the earliest change. Increased sebacious glands, increased secretion of sebum is cause for acne. Sebacious glands are blocked with sebum, dead skin cells can cuse inflamation forms pustules. Increased testosterones increases the secretion of sebum that’s why acne common in young adults.

  • Acne increases in puberty and during menses.
  • Acne increases in hypothyroid, cushing syndrome, pcod.
  • Acne increases in pregnency.
  • Acne increases in menopause due to decrease in estradiol, progesterone.
  • Propineobacterium is anaerobic bacteria causes acne.
  • Diet – high glycemic food, high sugar diet, milk products , chocolates causes acne.


Acne include seborrhea (increased sebum secretion), commedones, pappules, pustules.

Scars are formed by inflamation of dermis caused by acne by deposition excessive collagen formation in process of healing the wound.

Ice pick scars, car box scars, hypertrophied scars are various types of scars. cystic acne.

Pigmented scars are the result of formation cystic acne. They often leave inflamed red mark.


Globaly 650 millions are suffering from acne. 40 to 60 per people are suffering from acne. Females are more affected than me


Acne in puberty :puls, kali brom, bacillinum.

Acne rosasea: carbo veg, calc silicata, psorinum, lachesis , kreosote, mezerium, petrolium, sepia. radium brom.

KALIBROM:acne simpex, acne indurata, acne rosasea on face, chest and shoulders. Leaves scars

LACHESIS : Bluish purplish boils carbuncles. Black edges, blue black swellings. senile erysipelas. cellulitis, varicose veins

BACILLINUM : Ring worm, pityriasis, eczema of eye lids. glands of neck enlarged. skin complaints with asthma.

CARBO VEG: gangrene boils carbuncles ,putrid ulcers.blueness , echymoses.burning pain , putrid discharges.

PSORINUM: dirty greasy breaks in folds.scaly erruptions over scalp.unhealthy skin.intolarable itching during night. Offensive discharges from erruptions,erruptions around nails.

SILICEA : abscess,felons ,fistulous ulcers,unhealthy skin every injury suppurates.pustules over the face.keloid scars become pain full.erruptions itching more in night.ring worm impetigo.

SEPIA: ring worms , tinea, warts.herpes circinatus.rough , cracked skin in flexures.ulcers on small joints.itching not releived by scratching.

NAT MUR: crusty erruption margins of hair ,behine ears,erruption in bends of limbs.eczema raw red inflamed erruption in hair margins.herpes about lips.

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