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A corn is a small, painful, raised bump on the outer skin layer of feet and toes.

Causative factors for corns:

An improper walking motion, but most are caused by ill-fitting shoes. High-heeled shoes are the worst offenders. They put pressure on the toes and make women four times as likely as men to have foot problems. Other risk factors for developing a corn or callus include foot deformities and wearing shoes or sandals without socks, which leads to friction on the feet.

  • shoes that are too tight or too loose, or have very high heels
  • Inadequate activity or exercise or immobility
  • Eating large amounts of dairy products
  • Resisting the urge to have a bowel movement, which is sometimes the result of painfrom hemorrhoids
  • Overuse of laxatives (stool softeners) which, over time, weaken the bowel muscles
  • tight socks or stockings
  • deformed toes

Types of Corns:

  • A hard corn is a compact lump with a thick core. Hard corns usually form on the tops of the toes,on the outside of the little toe, or on the sole of the foot.
  • A soft corn is a small, inflamed patch of skin with a smooth center. Soft corns usually appearbetween the toes.
  • A seed corn is the least common type of corn. Occurring only on the heel or ball of the foot


Symptoms include hard growths on the skin in response to direct pressure. Corns may be extremely sore and surrounded by inflamed, swollen skin.

  • A raised bump which is hardened
  • A thick and rough area of skin
  • Flaky ,dry and waxy skin
  • Pain under the skin
  • Tenderness under the skin

How to diagnose corns?

  • Corns can be recognized on sight. A family physician or podiatrist may scrape skin off whatseems to be a corns, but may actually be a wart. If the lesion is a wart, it will bleed. A callus willnot bleed, but will reveal another layer of dead skin.
  • The doctor will interview the patient and ask about his/her lifestyle. The patient’s footwear mayalso be checked. There will be a physical examination.
  • If the doctor suspects there may be an underlying bone structure problem the patient may bereferred for an X-ray.

How Homeopathy helps to cure Corns?

Corns show promising results with Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy can relieve the pain as well as recurrence of the corns. Painful corns that cannot be scrubbed by pumice stones respond well to homeopathic medications taken internally.

Commonly indicated Homeopathic remedies:

Ant. Crud: Corns inflamed, large horny placed on soles of feet close to the toes; thickened skin of soles & feet. Corn on soles & toes. Inflamed corn with great sensitiveness of soles on walking. Aching, stitching pains in corns. For children and young people inclined to grow fat. Old people with morning diarrhea, suddenly become constipated, or alternate diarrhea and constipation; pulse hard and rapid. Sensitive to the cold.

Nat.mur: Corns, painful scars. Greasy skin. Boring, tearing and stitching pain. Worse walking and standing.For the anaemic and cachectic, whether from lots of vital fluids- profuse menses. Great emaciation; losing flesh while living well. Throat and neck of children emaciate rapidly during summer complaint. Great liability to take cold. Irritability: child cross when spoken to; crying from slightest cause; gets into a passion about trifles, especially when consoled with. Awkward, hasty, drops things from nervous weakness. Marked disposition to weep; sad weeping mood, without cause.

Silicea:Inflamed corns with stitching, burning pains. Soreness of soles. Stitches in the corns, jerking up the feet.Adapted to the nervous, irritable, sanguine temperament; persons of a psoric diathesis. Persons of light complexion; fine dry skin; pale face; weakly, with lax muscles. Constitutions which suffer from deficient nutrition, not because food is lacking in quality or quantity, but from imperfect assimilation; oversensitive, physically and mentally.

Other indicated remedies:Arnica, Camphor, Ferrum picricum, Graphitis, Sulphur, Thuja.etc.

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