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Azoospermia means complete absence of sperm count in the semen. It may be caused by the testicular dysfunction, cancer chemotherapy, or blockage of the tubules of the epididymis, or it may be induced by vasectomy. Infertility, but not impotence, is associated with azoospermia.

Normal Sperm count:20 million / milliliter to 120 million / milliliter.

Causative factors for Azoospermia:

  • Genetic conditions, such as congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens, may affect sperm transport.
  • Infections of the male reproductive system, such as in the testicles or prostate
  • Trauma may cause azoospermia. Previous injury or surgery to the spine, pelvis, lower abdomen, or male sexual organs may cause damage to the male reproductive system.
  • This may include surgery on an inguinal hernia. Trauma may affect sperm production or cause an obstruction in the flow or transport of sperm.
  • Varicocele is a condition that causes the veins (blood vessels) in the scrotum to become enlarged and dilated.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using illegal drugs may also cause problems with sperm production.

Classification of Azoospermia:

  • Pre-testicular azoospermia
  • Testicular azoospermia
  • Post-testicular azoospermia
  • Idiopathic azoospermia

Signs and symptoms of Azoospermia?

  • Inability to get your partner pregnant
  • Increased body fat, body hair, and breast tissue
  • Clear, watery, or whitish discharge from the penis
  • Veins that are enlarged, twisted, and may be seen in the scrotum that feels like a bag of worms (varicocele)
  • Stress or emotional pressure from not being able to conceive a child
  • Testicles that are small, soft, or cannot be felt

Evaluation of Azoospermia:

Physical Examination – The simplest test is the physical examination. Since the bulk of the testes is comprised of the sperm producing elements, (the somniferous epithelium), if the size of the testicles is severely diminished, this is an indication that the somniferous epithelium is affected.

Hormonal Evaluation – Tran rectal Ultrasound-In order to rule out a blockage of the ejaculatory duct, an ultrasound of the ejaculatory duct and seminal vesicles is often.

Urinalysis – It is possible that ejaculation is occurring “backwards;” the sperm is being pushed into the bladder, and then washed out when the man urinates after ejaculation

How Homeopathy helps to cure Azoospermia:

Homeopathic medicine found to be most effective therapy in treatment of Low Sperm Low Sperm Motility, Low Sperm Volume, and Abnormal Sperm cell Morphology, Delayed Seminal Liquefaction, Semen Viscosity, Anti Sperm Antibody and combination of the any of the disorder either Endocrine or Urology or of both. Homeopathy treatment corrects Spermatogenesis by making harmony in hormone as well as other associate urological condition. It improves not only sperm count but also its quality. It raises low sperm motility to high sperm motility. It also improves grades of sperm motility simultaneously.

Commonly indicated Homeopathic remedies:

Angus castus: Lower sexual vitality with corresponding mental depression. Loss of nervous energy. Sexual melancholy. No erections.Impotence.Scanty emission without ejaculation. Loss of prostatic fluid on straining gleety discharge.Testicles cold, swollen, hard and painful. Yellowish discharge from urethra.

Selenium: Marked effects on genito-urinary organs and indicated in elderly men. Prostatitis and sexual agony. Patient easily exhausted physically and mentally. Loss of sexual power. Increased desire and decreased ability. Semen thin, odourless.Sexual neurastenia.Hydrocele.Dribbling of semen during sleep. Irritation after coitus.

Lycopodium: It is adapted more especially to ailments gradually decreased functional power weaking with failure of digestive power. Symptoms charactestically run from right to left, especially acts on right side of the body. No erectile power.Impotence.Premature emission.Enlarged prostate.

Other indicated remedies: Zin.met, Vanadium, Medorrhinum, Rhododendron, Borax , Pulsatilla , Arnica Damiana, Withania, Natum, mur etc
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