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Multiple Sclerosis

The inflammatory condition known as multiple sclerosis (MS) causes damage to the protective sheaths that surround nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This injury impairs some nervous system components’ capacity to send signals, leading to a variety of indications and symptoms, such as mental, physical, and occasionally psychiatric issues.
Double vision, vision loss, eye pain, muscle weakness, and loss of sensation or coordination are examples of specific symptoms.
There are various types of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), in which new symptoms either develop gradually (progressive forms) or arise in isolated incidents (relapsing forms).
In the relapsing types of MS, symptoms may go away in between attacks, but persistent neurological issues frequently persist, particularly as the disease progresses. The progressive forms of MS cause a gradual decline in body function.
Myelin sheaths support neuron function in healthy people. Similarly to electricity in a wire, electric signals in neurons travel swiftly through long, thin axons. By preventing the signal from leaving the wire before its entire length, the myelin acts as an insulator surrounding the wire, maintaining its strength.
In immune cell infiltration, MS patients experience CNS inflammation and subsequent loss of the protective insulator known as “demyelination.” The ability of the body to regenerate myelin is hampered by the increasing loss of the myelin sheath and myelin-producing cells.
Neural signals do not move as well between neurons when the protective layer is absent. The body and mind are unable to function as they typically would as a result.
Some 65% of people with MS experience fatigue symptomatology, and, some report fatigue as their most disabling MS symptom. Autonomic, visual, motor, and sensory problems are also among the most common symptoms.
The specific symptoms are determined by focal loss of sensitivity and changes in sensation in the limbs, such as feeling tingling, pins and needles, or numbness; limb motor weakness or pain; blurred vision; pronounced reflexes; muscle spasms; difficulty with ambulation; difficulties with coordination and balance (ataxia); problems with speech or swallowing; visual problems (optic neuritis manifesting as eye pain and vision loss, or nystagmus manifesting as double vision); fatigue; and bladder and bowel difficulties (such as urinary and fecal incontinence or retention), among others.
When multiple sclerosis is more advanced, walking difficulties can occur, and the risk of falling increases.
Difficulties with thinking and emotional problems such as depression or an unstable mood are also common. The predominant cognitive function loss seen by patients with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is reduced information processing speed, with memory also typically impaired and executive function less so.
Intelligence, language, and semantic memory are usually preserved, and the level of cognitive impairment varies considerably between people with MS.


We at STAR HOMOEOPATHY treat the disease symptomatically in this multiple sclerosis condition. Homeopathic medicines have a supportive role to play in multiple sclerosis. Homeopathic medicines for multiple sclerosis help to provide symptomatic relief. Homeopathy treats from its root cause so that it should not reoccur in his lifetime. Opting for homeopathy treatment is one of the best ways of treating multiple sclerosis

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