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It is a disease characterized by a reactive inflammatory process in the periarticular tissues of the large joints (the joint’s capsule, ligaments, and surrounding tendons and muscles) that occurs as the joints age. Periarthritis most commonly affects the shoulder. Periarthritis of the shoulder is also called Painful shoulder syndrome or Frozen Shoulder Periarthritis humeroscapularis or PHS syndrome

Causative factors for Periarthritis:

  • Many are the factors that can contribute to tendon lesions. In addition to the less frequent severetraumas when trying to protecting while falling, the humerus head can tear and the tendons aredamaged., these are more common overload traumas
  • Repetitive arms lifting or lifting of excessively heavy weights
  • Some people present a physical defect at their shoulder for which the area wherecuff is too tight and it damages the tendons.

Symptoms :

  • Acute pain in Shoulder Joints with Tenderness and stiffness. Difficulty in moving the shoulderjoints are the common symptoms of Peri Arthritis. In the advanced stage the patients can notabduct the upper Limbs i.e. the rotational function of the shoulder joints is very much restricted in

    some cases

  • The main clinical manifestations are soreness and dysfunction of the shoulder. The disease isusually found in patients above the age of 50.

How to diagnose Periarthritis?

The diagnosis of generalized periarthritis is made from the characteristic X-ray picture in conjunction with the clinical findings and on occasion, the demonstration of hydroxyapatite crystals in the affected tissues. Periarthritis is usually diagnosed after a healthcare provider takes a detailed medical history and performs a physical examination. The affected joint will have very limited mobility. In some cases, an X- ray may be helpful to confirm the diagnosis. During the procedure, a contrast dye is injected into the affected joint and X-rays are taken. If the patient has periarthritis, the joint will appear shrunken and scarred.

How Homeopathy helps to cure Periarthritis?

Homeopathic is the best treatment for the Periarthritis or frozen shoulder, as it is not just successful but also safe and no side-effects. It enjoys an edge over other systems of medicine as it tackles the root cause and not only the visible symptoms. Being sourced from natural products, it also assures zero toxicity. The symptoms listed against each medicine may not be directly related to this disease because in homeopathy general symptoms and constitutional indications are also taken into account for selecting a remedy.

Commonly indicated Homeopathic remedies

Ferrum.met: Shooting and tearing in the shoulder joint and in the arm especially right side, pulling or paralytic weakness and heaviness in the arm. Crackling sound in the shoulder-joint. Tearing and stinging pain in the arms especially night. Uneasiness in the arms. Swelling and desquamation of the skin of the hands. Cramps and numbness in the fingers.

Rhus.Tox: Swelling, stiffness, and paralyzed sensations in joints due to sprains, over-lifting, or over- stretching. Lameness, stiffness and pain on first moving after rest, or on getting up in morning, relieved by constant motion. Trembling sensation in limbs. Rheumatic, drawing and tearing pain in limbs, during rest. Excessively cold hands and feet all the day.

Sanguinaria: Rheumatic pain in right arm and shoulder, cannot raise the arm, worse at night in bed (turning in bed) and slightest motion much worse it. Pain in top of right shoulder. Pain in right deltoid. Coldness in body and right arm. Burning of palms. Stiffness of finger-joints.

Other indicatedremedies: Cal.Phos, Ferrum.Phos, Ruta, Bryonia, Led.pal, Colchicum, Cimcifuga, Causticum etc.

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