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The Concept of Homeopathy

Health is a state of harmony between the body and the mind. Any disturbance in this state of harmony results in disease, which is expressed in the form of signs and symptoms. In each and every case of a disease, a person exhibits two types of symptoms: Common and Uncommon. Common symptoms are those which are found in most cases of a particular disease, whereas uncommon symptoms vary from one individual to another. This forms the basis for the individual research that is done to treat each patient in the practice of homeopathy.


Each organ has no separate existence in the body. Medical research studies show that the entire organ system is interdependent. When a particular organ does not function the way it is expected to, this chain of harmony breaks, resulting in disease. In homeopathy, a holistic approach is used to treat the patient in the entirety of the problem rather than merely addressing the symptoms of the disease.