Acne or pimples are most skin disease which occurs on face, back and chest. it is commonly seen in youngsters and even middle aged people, it occurs due to blockage of sebaceous glands causes inflammation and comes out in the form of pus which leads to scarring, marks, damage of skin.


· Black heads

· Whiteheads

· Papules

· Nodules

· Pigmentation

· Scars

· Oily skin


· Usually caused due to genetical inheritance

· Due to hormonal changes especially during puberty

· Before onset of menses

· Due to infections

· Having unhealthy diet with excess of oily stuff and junk food

· Stress factors

· Unhealthy skin due to unhygienic

· Cigarette smoking


· Can be treated by home remedies in case of initial stages

· Proper maintenance of diet

· Good water intake

· Regular Exercise

· Maintaining hygiene


Can be treated by allopathic medications with

· Steroids

· Antibiotics

· Antihistamines

· Hormonal agents

External applications

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