Allergic rhinitis, risk factors, causes and homeopathic treatment

Allergic rhinitis is also known as hay fever . It is an allergic reaction to specific allergens. It can be caused due to some specific allergens like polen from plants, wood dust, flower bloom, food allergies, animals fur, weeds etc 

Risk factors: genetic factors, sex, age, environmental factors ,passive smoking and pollution can be the risk factors of allergic rhinitis. It causes symptoms like running nose, itchy nose, watering of eyes, sneezings, irritation of eyes, stuffy nose, congestion, sore throat 

Homeopathic treatment: Before starting with the homeopathic treatment we need to identify the cause and treat accordingly depending upon the constitution and individuality of the patient 

Few remedies for allergic rhinitis :  

Allium cepa, sabadilla, ammonium carb, arsenic alb, psorinum, euphrasia, tmv, lemna minor etc