Complications of Rheumatoid Arthritis | STAR Homeopathy

  • Chronic symmetrical polyarthritis .It is a systemic disorder characterised by chronic inflammatory synovitis of mainly peripheral joints.
  • It is a significant causes of disability and mortality and carrier a high socio economic cost
  • Women before the menopause are affected 3 times more often than men.
  • Majority of patients complains of pain and stiffness of small joints of hands and feet .
  • Periodic painful swelling of the joints with stiffness and deformity (e.g ulnar deviation of the hand ,flexon deformity etc)may occur Wrists, elbows,shoulders,knees and ankles are also affected with carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Pain worse in the morning ,joint usually warm and tender with swelling .There is limitation Of movement and muscle wasting and muscle spasm may present  .Deformity develops as the disease progress.
  • Other presentations like seronegative limited synovitis and palindromic rheumatis is unusual.

COMPLICATIONS : Septic arthritis,amyloidosis and tenosynovitis.


Slight demineralization ,joint effusion,pericapsular swelling and marginal erosion

LATE PHASE :Massive destruction ,sub luxation and fibrous ankylosis

STILL’S DISEASE is juvenile rheumatoid arthritis with splenomegaly and lymphadenopathy.


ARNICA:Chronic arthritis,sore bruised feeling

BRYONIA:Inflammation  of joint with stiffness ,<from touch and >from pressure and rest.

CAUSTICUM:Deformity  developed in the joints  with stiffness,<in rainy season

CAL FLUOR:Arthritic pains improves from heat and motion,aliments after chronic injury.

DULCAMERA:Arthritis during damp clod weather with stiffness.

KALI BICH:Arthritic pain alternates with asthma  or stomach complaints,pains suddenly comes and goes.

KALI CARB:Joint becomes thickened or deformed ,stiching type of pain < early morning.

KALMIA:Rheumatoid arthritis started in higher joints then to smaller joints.

LEDUM PAL:Arthritis started in lower joints then gradually extends to upper joints.

RHUSTOX:Rheumatoid arthritis with marked  stiffness,<from 1st movement >continous  motion.

RUTA:Tendons are deeply affected,arthritis after overuse from repeated wear and tear.