EVERY DIFFICULTY MUST BE REMOVED FOR EASY MOVING DYSPHAGIA si defined as difficulty in swallowing .It may coexist with heart burn or vominting but should be distinguished from both globus sensation(in which anxious people feel a lump in the throat without organic cause)and odynophagia (pain while swallowing, usually from gastroesophagial reflux or candidiasis) DYSPHAGIA has oropharyngeal disorders results from neuromuscular dysfunction affecting the initiation Of swallowing by the pharynx and upper oesophageal spincture (e.g. bulbar or pseudobulbar palsy and myasthenia gravis) Patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia have difficulty initiating swallowing and develop choking,nasal regurgitation or tracheal aspiration.Drooling ,dysarthria,hoarseness and cranial nerve or other neurological signs may be present. Oesophageal causes include structural disease(benign or malignant strictures)and dysmobility of the Oesophagus .Patients with oesophageal disease complain of food ‘sticking’after swallowing ,although The level at which this is felt correlates poorly with the true site of obstruction .swallowing of liquids is Normal until strictures become extreme. BENIGN STRICTURE(peptic,fibrous rings) MALIGNANT STRICTURE(carcinoma of the oesophagus,carcinoma of stomach and extrinsic compression) HOMEO INCATIONS
Lachesis and hyoscymus-Difficulty in swallowing liquids Alumina and kalicarb-Difficulty in swallowing solids Baptisia and baryta carb-inability to swallow solids Belladona and cactus-patient has to drink water to swallow food.