Exploring homeopathy as a natural approach to treat acne

Acne, otherwise also called pimples is formed due to infected or inflammed sebaceous glands that connects to hair follicles which have fine hair. Mostly seen on cheeks, forehead but can also appear on shoulder, back,chest. It is more prevalent among adolescents. Acne causes different types of lesions like white heads, black heads, papules, pustules, nodules etc.
Age – teens
Hormonal imbalance/ changes Family history of acne
Excess of oil secretion in pores Dead skin cell buildup
Bacterial growth in pores
Environmental effects like pollution
Treatment –
In homeopathy, to treat acne, causation is very important. After ruling out the cause medicines are prescribed by the process of individualisation. Homeopathic medicine is the best medicine to treat acne as they are prepared from natural sources, and there are no side effects. It mainly focusses on root cause and try to remove the cause, so that the effect will be removed without damaging the skin. Homeopathy not only will safely reduce the breakouts and severity of symptoms, but also reduce the relapses of breakouts. It stimulates body’s immune system to fight against the disease.