Alopecia means nothing more than loss of hair and is a sign rather than diagnosis. There are many causes and patterns.
CLASSIFICATION : LOCALISED (non scaring) :tinea capitis,alopecia areata,androgenetic alopecia, Traumatic and syphilis. DIFFUSED (non scaring) :Hypothyroidism,hyperthyroidism,hypopituitarism,diabetes, Hiv,nutritional deficiency,liver diseases and post partum etc LOCALISED(scaring) :idiopathic,discoid lupus erythematous,herpes zoster,tinea capitis. DIFFUSED(scaring):radiotherapy,folliculitis decalvans,lichen planus pilaris. ALOPECIA AREATA:Sudden loss of hair in patchy fashion may be due to anxiety or sudden shock It may show a marked tendency of recurrence. RINGWORM:It causes bald patches having scanty ,small,thin hairs.fungal spores are found in affected hair USE OF CURLERS:It may be responsible for baldness in corresponding areas .later on there may be scaring and permanent loss of hair. HOMEO TREATMENT FOR HAIRFALL FLUORIC ACID:Hairfall after sickness ,hair breakageand hair gets tangled a lot. PHOSPHROUS:Alopecia with gastrointestinal disorders CALCAREA CARB:Hairfall with itching and sweating of scalp,helps in regrowth of hair. VINCA MINOR:Hairfall with dandruff,used to treat abnormal hair growth. SILICEA:Baldness accompanied with pain BARYTA CARB:Premature baldness in timid people with tonsillitis.