A ligament is a tough fibrous band of connective tissue that connects one bone to other bones . Ligamental tear is also called as a SPRAIN. VARIOUS LOCATIONS OF LIGAMENTAL TEAR Arm,Shoulder,wrist,knee,heel,fingers,cuboid,neck, Calf,thigh,breast,abdomen,popliteal,goin and trapezoid etc Sprain commonly occur in ANKLE ,about 25000 people sprain an ankle every day. Thumb and wrist sprains are also more common in sports people. Ligament tear mostly seen in athelets like foot ball players,soccer,basket ball etc Depends on the type of sport,location of sprain will vary. GRADES OF TEAR GRADE I :very mild tear with little instability at joint. GRADE II :more serious but still incomplete tear,with some looseness in the joint GRADE III :ruptured ligament or complete torn,its impossible to put weight on the joint or use the affected limb. Some of the 1st grade remedies used in case of ligamental tear are ARNICA( injury,fall ,blow or trauma )RHUSTOX,RUTA,BRYONIA,SYMPHYTUM,CALCAREA CARB,APIS MEL etc.