Living with ADHD: Tips for Managing Daily Challenges

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) is a neuro behavioural disorder, usually occurs in childhood, but adults can also have ADHD. It has behavioral changes such as inattention, impulsiveness, distractions, too much activity, difficult to do single task, difficulty in focussing etc.
Tips for managing daily life challenges –
– Limit distractions like television, computer, video games etc which increase impulsiveness in patients.
– Create a routine, and make to do lists every day, to focus on tasks
– Establish healthy lifestyle like eating on time, avoiding junk food, exercising etc
– Regulate the sleep pattern which is very important for behavioral disorders – Show lot of affection and love towards them
– Train them to be organized.
– Set time to be punctual, even to take medication
Treatment –
1. Therapies like behavioural therapy including training to parents will be helpful
2. Medications-
Homeopathy has vast number of medicines to treat ADHD. To treat this disease, along with the history of the patient, mother’s pregnancy history is also important. There no diagnostic tool to diagnose ADHD. But with careful case taking and observation, doctors can prescribe a similimum to the patient which will improve behaviour of the patient.
In homeopathy, by the process of individualisation i.e, with peculiar symptoms and history of the patient, the medicine will be prescribed. Unlike other medicines, homoeopathy is the safest medicine even for children. So it can be used even for longer durations.