MALE FERTILITY is inability of male to cause pregnancy in fertile female. -Male is directly responsible in about 30-40% -Female is about 40-55% -Both r responsible in about 10% of cases -It is also emphasized that the relative subfertility of one partner may sometimes be counter Balanced by the high fertility of other. FAULTS IN THE MALE DEFECTIVE SPERMATOGENESIS: -CONGENITAL :Undesended testes,kartagener syndrome and hypospadias -THERMAL FACTOR:Scrotal temperature is raised in condition such as varicocele -INFECTION:Mumps orchitis after puberty may permanently damage spermatogenesis,Sperm quality is adversely affected by chronic systemic illness likeBRONCHIECTASIS,bacterial or viral infection of seminal Vesicles or prostate depress the sperm count -GENERAL FACTORS :Chronic debilitating diseases,malnutrition,heavy smoking reduce spermatogenesis. Alcohol inhibits spermatogenesis either by suppressing leydig cell synthesis of testosterone or by suppersing gonadotropin levels. -ENDOCRINE:Testicular failure due to gonadotropin deficiency (kallmann’s syndrome),FSH raised in idiopathic testicular failure with sperm cell hypoplasia(sertoli-cell-only-syndrome),hyperprolactinaemia Is associated with impotency. -GENETIC :Azospermic male is KLINEFELTERS SYNDROME. -IATROGENIC:Radiations,cytotoxic drugs,beta blockers,antihypertensive,anticonvulsant and antidepressant drugs are likely to hinder spermatogenesis. -IMMUNOLOGICAL FACTORS:Antibodies against spermatozoa surface antigen may be the cause of infertility, this results in clumping of the spertmatozoa after ejaculation OBSTRUCTION OF THE EFFERENT DUCT SYSTEM :The efferent ducts may be obstructed by infection like Tubercular ,gonococcal or by surgical trauma(herniopathy)following vasectomy. In YOUNGS SYNDROME there is epididymal obstruction and bronchiectasis. FAILURE TO DEPOSIT SPERM HIGH IN THE VAGINA(COITAL PROBLEMS) -Erictile dysfunction,ejaculatory defect-permature,retrograde or absence of ejaculation. SPERM ABNORMALITY -Loss of sperm motility(ASTHENOZOOSPERMIA),abnormal sperm morphology (round headed sperm, Teratozoospermia)are the important factors ERROR IN SEMINAL FLUID -Unusually high or low volume of ejaculate, -Low fructose content, -High prostaglandin content, -Undue viscosity. MAN TO BECOME FATHER MUST FOCUS ON FOLLOWING MAINTAIN HEALTHY BMI(BODY MASS INDEX) -Increased BMI leads to decreased sperm production and sperm motility. REGULAR EXERCISE FOR MINIMUM 30 MINUTES FOR HEALTHY REPRODUCTIVE LIFE -Exercise helps in increasing sperm count and sperm motility MUST FOCUS ON THIS FOODS SALMON FISH rich of omega 3 fatty acids and protein helps in regulating prostaglandins to boost up fertility ,It also contains selenium and vitamin D,helps in increasing blood flow to reproductive organs. SUN FLOWER SEEDS rich of vitamin E which helps in boosts up male fertility,improves sperm count and motility WAL NUTS contains omega 3 fatty acids which maintains the semen health and increase vitality of sperm PINEAPPLE useful for chronic smokers whose semen quality is poor,pine apple will helps to increase the quality of semen. ASHWAGANDHA(GINSENG)Helps in increasing the level of testosterone and helps in treating ERECTILE DYSFUCTION. CARROT Beta carotene an antioxidant helps in maintain the health of sperm and aids mobility of sperm helping to reach the egg. DARK CHOCLATE contains amino acids and arginine which improves sperm count and quality. MUST AND SHOULD AVOID RICH DIARY PRODUCTS contains estrogenwhich lowers the sperm count FATTY ,FRIED FOODS,AND PROCESSED MEAT LOWERS THE SPERM COUNT.