Managing Gout in Different Stages with Homeopathy

Gout is a inflammatory arthritis joint disease that occurs due to high level of uric acid levels in blood.Normal serum uric acid level is 3.5-7.2mg/dl.

There are 4 stages in gout

1)Asymptomatic gout
2)Acute gout
3) Intercritical gout
4)Chronic Tophaceous gout
1]Asymptomatic Gout:In this stage uric acid level increases in blood but no symptoms appears in this stage
2]Acute Gout:In this stage uric acid levels is so high that leads to accumulation of needle like uric acid crystals in joint spaces which leads to inflammation,swelling and pain in joints. This type pain comes suddenly and intense
3]Intercritical Gout:After first attack of gout symptoms usually pain subside for a period of long or short but uric acid accumulation in the joint space continues during this stage
4]Chronic Tophaceous Gout:if serum uric acid levels is not controlled it progress and leads to most problematic stage called Trophaceous stage in this urate crystals accumulate in joint spaces leads to formation of nodules, which furture leads to joint deformity.

Gout is due to high level of uric acid in blood which is due to increase production of uric acid or decreased excretion of uric acid. Uric acid is produced by Purines.
Purine are molecules which are made up of carbon and nitrogen atoms. This purine are 2types

1]Exogenous purine:this exogenous purine are obtained through diet

2]Endogenous purines:this type of purine are synthesed by the body itself So overproduction of purines through exogenous purines are controlled by limiting the food which are rich in purines but endogenous purines should be controlled and they controlled only through homeopathic
internal medicine

As homeopathic treatment is holistic, natural,deep acting ,constitutional treatment it removes the root cause of purine synthesis and balance the synthesis and excretion of uric acid levels in blood means no accumulation of uric acid in joint spaces and no pain,swelling.