MENIERE’S DISEASE MEINERE’S DISEASE is characterized by a triad of symptoms consisting of VERTIGO,DEAFNESS AND TINNITUS which occurs at irregular and unpredictable intervals MEINERE was a French physician who described in 1861.There is ENDOLYMPHATIC HYDROPS characterized by increased tension of the endolymph Usually it occurs over the age of 30 years ,both sexes are equally affected ,bujt slightly more common in males VASOSPASM:Reduced blood supply to the labyrinth due to vasospasm is the most likely cause ENDOLYMPHATIC HYDROPS:There is increased tension of endolymph in the labyrinth ,due to reduced Absorption of endolymph secondary to reduced blood supply .Water and salt retension in the body Is sometimes considered to be the cause. EMOTIONAL FACTORS may cause giddiness ,but they may also be secondary to giddiness ,patients may lose confidence and become emotionally liable SYMPATHETIC SYSTEM OVERACTIVITY may cause vasospasm HORMONAL DISTURBANCES may cause water and electrolyte disturbances in the endolymph VITAMIN B COMPLEX DEFICIENCY is not an established cause ALLERGY AND SEPTIC FOCI may be responsible for MENIERE’S DISEASE. GIDDINESS The patient gets recurrent attacks of giddiness of sudden onset in spells of varying intensity duration and intervals .it may range from mild dizziness or imbalance to severe vertigo which is usually rotator in character. DEAFNESS sensori-neural deafness is always present and its intensity may fluctuate . it may increase with each attack .the patient may have distorted sounds (DIPLACUSIS)and may have intolerance to loud Sounds because of the phenomenon of recruitment TINNITUS may be continuous or may be present only during attacks . it may be more on the affected side .sometimes deafness and tinnitus increase before the attack (AURA) NAUSEA AND VOMITING may occur if giddiness is severe PERSPIRATION ,GASTRIC UPSET AND DIARRHOEA are due to vagal stimulation ,and severe giddiness may be accompanied by these symptoms .The patient may look pale and the blood pressure may drop FULLNESS often patients complain about fullness in the affected ear HEADACHE is often present ,migraine may affect some cases ANXIETY always accompanies giddiness NYSTAGMUS During an acute attack ,horizontal nystagmus may be present.