MIGRAINE as a traid of paroxysmal headache,nausea or vomiting and an aura of focal neurological events (usually visual) MIGRAINE WITH AURA –CLASSICAL MIGRAINE MIGRAINE WITH OUT AURA –COMMON MIGRAINE CLASSICAL MIGRAINE starts with malaise and irritability followed by AURA of focal neurological event And then severe throbbing ,hemicranial headache with photophobia and vomiting during headache patient prefers quite and darkroom to sleep and may persists for several; days. True weakness is distinctly unusual in migraine, so hemiplegic migraine should be diagnosed with Extreme caution. In some patients the focal events may occur by them selves (MIGRAINE EQUIVALENT) In some patients the symptoms of aura do not resolve leaving more permanent neurological disturbance (COMPLICATED MIGRA) AETIOLOGY OF MIGRAINE is largely unknown .ther is often a family history suggesting a genetic Predisposition .in women migraine attacks at certain points in their menstrual cycle hint at Hormonal influences ,contraceptive pills exacerbate migraine in many patients. HOMEO TREATMENT: BELLADONA:Magraine with intense throbbing ,pulsating headache. GLONINE:Congestive headache after sun exposure SPIGELIA:Indicated in case of LEFT SIDED MIGRAINE. IRIS VER:RIGHT SIDED MIGRAINE with intense nausea,vomiting and acidity. SANGUNARIA:RIGHT SIDED MIGRAINE ,started from morning till sunse,works well in case of women during menopause. NUX VOMICA:Migraine with gastric troubles. NAT.CARB:Migraine from sun,shooting pain in the forehead. NAT.MUR:Migraine attacks