PILES OR HEMORRHOIDS Vascular structure in the anal canal ,they become disease when swollen or inflamed Signs and symptoms of haemorrhoids depends on type INTERNAL HEMORREHOIDS :Painless , bright red rectal bleeding when defecating EXTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS:Painful and swelling in the aera of anus CAUSES -Irregular bowel habits(constipation or diarrhea) -Nutritional factors(low fiber diet) -lack of exercise -Increased intraabdominal pressure (prolonged straining,ascitis,pregnancy) Other factors believed to increased risk include obesity, prolonged sitting,chronic cough, And pelvic floor dysfunction. During pregnancy pressure from the fetuson the abdomen and hormonal changes causes the Hemorrhoidal vessels to enlarge. GRADES OF INTERNAL HEMORRHOIDS GRADE 1-No prolapse ,just prominent blood vessels GRADE 2-Prolapse ,but spontaneous reduction GRADE 3-Prolapse ,and require manual reduction GRADE 4-Prolapse with inability to be manually reduced PREVENTION -Avoid straining while attempting to defecate -Avoid constipation and diarrhoeaeither by eating high fibre diet and drinking plenty of fluids Or by taking fibre supplements. HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT HAMAMELIS :Bleeding piles RATANIAH:Piles with burning sensation COLLINSONIA:Piles with constipation AESCULUS HIP:Piles with shooting pain NUX VOMICA AND PULSATILLA :Blind piles SEPIA AND KALI CARB:Piles after child birth SILICEA:Piles with anal fistula MERC SOL:Piles with chronic diarrhoea LYCOPODIUM:Piles with rectal prolapsed AMMONIUM CARB:Piles during menses LACHESIS:Piles protrude during cough and sneeze BARYTA CARB:Piles protrude during urination.