Psoriasis – Causes, Symptoms, Homeopathic Treatment & Tips


Generally, we all are unaware of many skin disorders in which psoriasis is one of the most common,lifestyle based, maintaining disorders in western world as well as developing countries.

As it intensifies, areas of skin and bony tissue get involved . Statistics say 2 out of 10 members of patients among all areas of diseases suffer from this skin condition called psoriasis.

Unfortunately no one can detect the exact cause of the disease. But homeopathy treatment for psoriasis can cure psoriasis without side effects. Many researchers probably stated that it could be

• hereditary, auto-immune defect,long term medications(steroids) chronic usage of medicines for endocrine disorders like thyroid,type 2 diabetes mellitus,hypertension-beta blockers,


any kind of allergies,

Improper diet,


weather changes,

any other secondary disorders,


fungal infections,

profuse sweating e.t.c

• some trigger the psoriasis condition like alcohol,smoking e.t.c.

• psoriasis types :-

1 .Plaque Psoriasis :- this is the most common variety of psoriasis among 10members 8members are suffering from this type .it is also called as Psoriasis Vulgaris because of its appearance & causes raised, inflamed, red skin covered with silvery-pearly, white scales. These patches may cause itching and burning. It can appear anywhere on the body, but it often seen among these areas:-

• Elbows

• Knees

• Scalp

• Lower back

• Abdomen

• Thighs

2 .Guttate Psoriasis :- it occurs mostly in children and young teenage adults , it causes small, pink-red spots on skin. They often appear on

• Trunk

• Upper arms

• Thighs

• Scalp

• generally it doesn’t require much treatment, it goes on its way but in Stubborn cases it takes a long time .

3. Inverse Psoriasis :- this variety usually found in armpits,skin folding such as around genital areas,buttocks,groins,under breast.Bright red eruptions with shiny smooth and doesn’t have scales.It is aggravated by sweating profusely , friction.

4. Pustular Psoriasis :-

This variety of psoriasis is uncommon and mostly appears in adults. It causes pus-filled bumps (pustules) surrounded by red skin. These may look infectious, but are not.

This type may show up on areas such as the hands and feet. Sometimes it covers most of body, which is called “generalized” pustular psoriasis. When this happens, it can be very serious, hence it requires a medical emergency.

During pregnancy, infections, stress , increases the spread,it produces symptoms like fever chills nausea vomiting pains stiffness of skin pus oozing.l with or without smell .

5. Erythrodermic Psoriasis :- It occurs less common amongst all varieties but it is very serious condition,it appears like reddish burn appearance

Severe itching, burning, or peeling

A faster heart rate

Changes in body temperature are the main symptoms

6. Nail Psoriasis :-in later conditions it also affect the bony tissues like nails,bones resulting psoriatic arthritis

symptoms include :-

Pitting of nails

Tender, painful nails , cracks seen

Separation of the nail from the bed

Color changes (yellow-brown) infectious

Chalk-like material under nails

• other varieties include planto-palmar psoriasis,allergic psoriasis,flexural psoriasis etc

• complications :- psoriatic arthritis, congestive heart failure,other systemic disorders

• Homeopathy management :- In star Homeopathy we give homeopathy treatment for psoriasis, medication based on root causes ,since how long the patient is suffering from this condition,any previous illness, particular treatment history,any endocrine disorders, hereditary,lifestyle, maintaining cause,stress etc. These all will be considered and analysed to understand the personal constitution to give suitable medication along with acute relief of the complainant will be assured. Completion of suggested course is must for permanent relief from the disease .

The time taken for cure will vary from person to person based on suffering and intensity of the disease. Our initial focus will be on arresting disease progression and avoiding disease complications.

• self care tips:- according to season,weather changes self care will be taken regularly

• drink more water atleast 3 Liters per day to avoid dryness of skin

• get moisturized – apply moisturizing lotion/coconut oil/olive oil

• avoid aggravating food / other factors

• stress maintenance / lifestyle changes

• practice yoga, meditation