PSORIASIS PSORIASIS is a non infectious chronic inflammatory disease of the skin ,characterized by well defined Erythematous plaques with silvery scales . PSORIASIS may start at any age but is unusual before the age of 5 and the oldest recorded onset was In a patient aged 107. FACTORS CAUSING FLARE UP OF PSORIASIS TRAUMA :when the condition is erupting ,lesions appear in area of skin damage such as scratches or Surgical wounds (KOBNER PHENOMENON) INFECTIONS: beta haemolytic streptococcal throat infections often preced guttate psoriasis. SUNLIGHT :rarely UVR may worsen psoriasis DRUGS:Antimalarial, beta adrenoreceptors antagonists (BETA BLOCKERS) and lithium May worsen psoriasis. EMOTIONS:Anxiewty precipitates some exacerbation TYPES OF PSORIASIS STABLE PLAQUE PSORIASIS:Scalp (60%)patients with psoriasis,well demarcated easily palpable Area ,in palms its difficult to recognize as individual plaques may be poorly demarcated. GUTTATE PSORIASIS:Mostly commonly seen in childrens and adolescents and may follow Streptococcal sore throat ,lesions are droplet shaped ,majority will develop plaque psoriasis Later in life. ERYTHRODERMIC PSORIASIS :Skin become universally red with hypo or hyperthermia. PUSTULAR PSORIASIS:Generalised rare but very serious onset ,sudden with large no of small Pustules erupting on red base ,with swinging pyrexia coinciding with new pustules ,primarily Affects palms and soles.