SINUSITIS Sinusitis is an infection of the paranasal sinuses that may be bacterial ,mainly streptococcus pneumonia And haemophilus influenza or occasionally fungal. Most commonly associated with an upper respiratory tract infection and can occur with severe asthma SYMPTOMS Include frontal headache ,purulent rhinorrhoea,facial pain with tenderness and fever. It can be confused with a variety of other conditions such as migraine,trigeminal neuralgia and Cranial arteritis. ACUTE SINUSITIS –Lasting between 1 week-1 month RECURRENT ACUTE SINUSITIS – More than 4 episodes of acute sinusirtis per year SUB ACUTE SINUSITIS – Lasting between 1-3 months CHRONIC SINUSITIS-Lasting more than 3 months HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT:ARS ALB,BELL,KALI BICH,MERC SOL, PULS AND SIL.