TINNITUS TINNITUS is a noise in the ear or head .TINNITUS may occur with a benign disease , or it may be a warning signal of a serious disorder which needs to be diagnosed by through investigations TINNITUS is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat,it may be persists even after the aliments causing it has been cured TINNITUS may be unilateral or bilateral ,it may be classified as SUBJECTIVE TINNITUS :When a sound like ringing ,whistling or roaring is heard by the patients without The existence of such a sound it is called TINNITUS.This is an auditory hallucination ,is reserved for those conditions where an individual hears voices and sentences due to functional disturbances OBJECTIVE TINNITUS is heard not only by the patients, but also by the examiner INTERMITTENT :tinnitus may be continous or intermittent ,with long or short irregular intervals of Absence of tinnitus CONTINUOUS tinnitus is present all the time FLUCTUANT tinnitus may vary in intensity .it is more marked when the patients is emotionally protruded or when he is in a quiet atmosphere ,as at night PITCH of tinnitus may be high or low ,sometimes the pitch may vary SUBJECTIVE TINNITUS TINNITUS WITH DEAFNESS LOCAL :any disease of theear which can cause deafness may also produce tinnitus GENERAL :all the general causes of deafness may also be responsible for tinnitus TINNITUS WITHOUT DEAFNESS TINNITUS may occur without deafness in conditions llike anaemia,hypertension ,hypotension and carious teeth or impacted wisdom tooth. FUNCTIONAL :Emotional factors may cause tinnitus,but tinnitus itself may lead to anxiety and depression OBJECVTIVE TINNITUS Clicking temporomandibular joint,aneurysm and arteriovenous shunt around the ear,intracranial vascular tumours,live insects in the ear,clonic contractions of the palatal or tympanic muscles and patulous Eustachian tube.