TONSILITIS is one of the most common infection encounterd in everyday

ACUTE TONSILITIS occurs frequently up to age of 15 years ,both sex are equally affected .


pre –existing upper respiratory tract infection ,post nasal discharge due to tonsillitis general lowering of the resistance


Ingestion of cold drinks or cold foods may directly cause infection or lower the resistance by Vasoconstriction 

Contagion :the infection may be contracted from other individuals having infection

CAUSATIVE ORGANISMS usual respiratory gram positive cocci like streptococci,staphylococcus,

Pneumococcus and diptheroid organisms are responsible .of these ,haemolytic streptococcus Has special predilection for the may be a viral infection.


ACUTE PARENCHYMATOUS TONSILITIS :The tonsils are enlarged and congested 


The crypts are studded with pus and stand out as multiple  Yellow spots on the red congested tonsils.Raw sensation in the throat is often the first symptom.

Pain in the throat occurs which is aggravated by swallowing .it may be reffered to the ears

Refusal to eat:

  • children may not complain about pain in throat ,but may refuse to eat because of ODYNOPHAGIA
  • Voice may be thick and muffled due to thick secretions and impeded movements of the palate
  • Tonsils become congested and swollen 
  • Secretions increased and become tenacious

Halitosis : offensive breath may be present

SEPTIC FOCUS IN CHRONIC TONSILITIS may produce effects on distant organs of the body by acting as septic focus  due to bacteraemia ,or because of allergic reaction to bacteria and products of inflammation .