URTICARIA URTICARIA also known as HIVES.It is a skin rash with red ,rised,itchy bumps.they may also burn or sting Rash lasts for few days but do not leave a scar ,the condition frequently recurs and lasts more than 6 weeks. URTICARIA frequently occur following an infection or as result of an allergic reaction such as to -Medication (aspirin,buprofen,penicillin,clorimezole, vaccine and antidiabetic drugs etc), -Insect bite , -Food(shell fish, nut, egg,wheat and soy), -Infections or environmental agents, -Psychological stress -Cold temperature etc SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS -WELTS(raised area surrounded by a red base) -ANGIOEDEMA(allergic or non allergic) -Individual hives that are painful ,last more than 24 hours or leave a bruise as they heal more likely To be a more serious condition called URTICARIAL VASCULITIS. -Hives carried by stroking the skin are due to a benign condition called DERMATOGRAPHIC URTICARIA. HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT:APIS,ARSALB,DULC,NAT MUR,RHUSTOX AND URTICA URENS