VITILIGO VITILIGO is an acquired condition in which circumscribed depigmented patches develop ,it affects 1% of World population Unlike albinism where melanocytes are present but the production of melanin is abnormal. VITILIGO involves focal area of melanocyte loss,there may be positive family history and associated with Autoimmune disease,diabetes ,thyroid and adrenal disorders. Pernicious anaemia ,trauma and sun burn may precipitate the appearance of vitiligo SEGMENTAL VITILIGO is restricted to one part of the body ,but not necessarily dermatome ,generalized Vitiligo involves hands,wrist, knee, neck as well as the area around the body orifices,hair of the scalp And beard may also depigmented. The patches of depigmentation are sharply defined and in Caucasians(white skin of European origin)may be surrounded by light brown CAFÉ AU LAIT hyperpigmentation. Some spotty perifollicular pigment may be seen with in the depigmented patches and is sometimes the 1 st sign of repigmentatioin . Sensation in the depigmented patches is normal (compare to tuberculoid leprosy)the cause is unpredictable but most patches remain static or enlarged ,few repigmented spontaneously. HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT:ARSENIC SULFURATUM FLAVUM,CARCINOSIN,HYDROCOTYL, KALI CARB,NITRIC ACID,NAT MUR,PHOS ,SILICEA AND SYPHILINUM.